USA TRucking

Serving the Self Interests of All Players in Transportation


Cost savings
Work directly with small Carriers
Reduced waiting and delays in the supply chain
Network visibility and control 
Improved service


Faster matching of supply and demand
Improved service to Shippers
Higher volumes of loads
Reduced administration
Enhanced Carrier loyalty


Free management tools
More profitable loads that suit personal preferences
Reduced administration and faster payment
Fewer empty miles
Enhanced reputation through superior service


Higher throughoput with fewer delays
Multi-party control and visibility over container drop-off and collection
Improved service to shipping lines


Reduced waiting
Improved visibility of deliveries
Enhanced service

The Carrier’s Story

levelling the playing field

90% of trucking companies in the USA operate 6 or fewer trucks.  These companies typically operate on low margins and have little or no technology to support their businesses.

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The Transport Coordinator's Story

creation and operation of a transportation network

PreVisionX supports complex operations involving many parties, such as the transport of hazardous materials.

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Other Stories

coming soon

Learn how creating a network of collaborating businesses creates value for all.  The stories PreVisionX creates for shippers, brokers and ports are powerful ones, as is the application of PreVisionX to last-mile deliveries in the US energy sector.