“Combining Mobility, Workflow and Blockchain"

PreVisionX creates beautiful technology so that our partners can create new markets.


distinctive and unique technology

PreVisionX has a unique understanding of how to combine mobility, workflow and the blockchain to enable effective collobration between independent actors.   Our Platform as a Service (PAAS) includes a patent pending mobile workflow platform with full offline capabilities and a hyper-configurable  multi-tenanted back-end, with a distinctive security model,  These enable our partners to create complete Software as a Service (SAAS) applications through scripting, not programming.  The blockchain supports security, access rights, licensing and settlement, as well as providing an immutable ledger of key transaction details.

PreVisionX for Consultants

long-term, annuity-based transactional revenues

PreVisionX creates opportunities for high value managed services as well as “traditional” consultancy and professional services such as  configuration, change management, integration, software development, operations and support.

PreVisionX for Software Vendors

extending back-end workflows and systems of record

PreVisionx eliminates the need to develop hundreds of different apps to support different market sectors.  The mobile workflow platform and the PreVisionX back-end transaction processing capabilities are designed to inter-operate simply with other systems,  They may be used by your teams to accelerate your mobile product.

A Vision

Thanks to our partners

The PreVisionx mobility platform could be “the plumbing of the global mobile services industry” that is accessed by every smartphone on the planet, but invisible to most. Like text messaging, consumers will use our software to provide or use mobile services without ever being aware of PreVisionX.