Helping Communities, Individuals and Businesses

We could spend a lot of time talking about PreVisionX.   However, we thought it would be more interesting to share some stories about what we can do.

Serving US Trucking

Creating A collaborative INDEPENDENT network

PreVisionX brings mobile control and visibility to the network of all the independent players in transportation and trucking, enabling consistent measurable service to be delivered.

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Serving Communities

Sustainable HELP for people in need

PreVisionX helps people to help others and to help themselves.

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On Demand For Small Businesses

competing with the major players & Corporations

Small local businesses (and DAOs) provide  their customers with the ease and convenience offered by major corporations’ apps.  They have useful online tools to manage their business.

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On Demand For Individuals

on demand services without technology INVESTMENT

Work can be effectively distributed to individuals who, in turn,  can offer sophisticated online, on demand services.

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Advanced Technology

A platform combining mobility, workflow and blockchain

PreVisionX brings new PAAS and SAAS capabilities to consultancies, in-house development teams and software vendors.