On Demand Services for All

Thanks to PreVisionX, individuals can offer their own on demand services.

The Cab Driver

Joe used to work for a local taxi company. Now he drives his car for a world famous ride app company.  He dreams of having his own app.  Joe doesn’t want to give 20% of his fares to Silicon Valley.

The Nurse

Mercedes provides homecare for the elderly, but doesn’t like the agency that she currently works for as they keep assigning her jobs at the other end of town.  Mercedes dreams of independence.

The Dog Walker

Carol has a small but thriving dog walking business.  Some of her wealthy customers worry about when Carol took their dogs out, where they went and for how long they were walking.  Carol wishes she could prove what a good job she does.

The Yard Service

Sanjay likes to work on his own cleaning pools and looking after yards.  He has many loyal customers and loves his job, but hates the paperwork of putting his bills together.

The Question

What do Joe, Mercedes, Carol and Sanjay all have in common?

The Solution

They could all run their own local online, on demand business using PreVisionX.  Getting started with PreVisionX costs them nothing and using PreVisionX solves their problem.

And their customer can order all their services from a single app.